With #auroras visible across large parts of the US, many are looking online for more information. Over the last day, peak request volume to Cloudflare's resolver for noaa.gov has increased ~50%, while requests for spaceweather.com are up 6x.

Since the release of Google Chrome 124 on April 17, we've been tracking post-quantum encrypted requests as a share of Cloudflare global HTTPS request traffic. Now you can too, in the new Post-Quantum Encryption Adoption graph in the Adoption & Usage section of Cloudflare Radar. Global, country, and ASN views are available. radar.cloudflare.com/adoption-and-usage

“I know not with what GPT-5 will be trained, but GPT-6 will be trained with sticks and stones.” — Albert Einstein

Another #Internet disruption is underway in #Gaza, as Paltel traffic to Cloudflare from Gaza Strip governorates dropped to zero around 09:00 UTC (12:00 local time). Connectivity in the region has been unstable since the start of the war with Israel in October 2023.